Talent Show (extended)

I have had several requests to post the video of my dance on my blog. And to let you know, I am! I have no idea how good the dance is because I did all of the choegraphy in about a week, I usually need more time. So most of what I did was off the top of my head. But I have to admit, most of the stuff that comes off the top of my head is pretty amazing. So all in all, here is my video of the infamous talent show dance. Hope you like it!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2PH0raG794

~Sam <3

Talent Show

Hey hey hey!!! I know that I haven’t written a post in a really long time and I’m sorry about that. Tonight I am performing in the middle school talent show. I am performing a comtempary dance to She Wolf (falling to pieces) by David Guetta and Sia. The costume that I will be wearing is green and black with lots and lots of glitter! Some of my other friends will be performing in the talents show to, so I won’t be completely by myself. I hope that I will be able to win. They give out first, second, and third place prizes. But, as of right now, I have absolutly now idea what the prizes will be! Wish me luck!


Have you ever had a headache so massively painful you can’t see any thing? Thats what I feel like right now. I’ve had one all day.  Right now i’m writing this at my cousims house, they gave me the haedache. Right now I’m babysitting nine kids. Nine kids!!! I’ve started school already. It’s not too bad. Most of my teachers are really nice. I made two new friends, not so bad for me. Oh wait now it’s eight kids one just went home. Tomorrow i’m going to my Papa’s house. With the same cousins i’m with now. GREAT. Well I’m going to cut it short their being loud. Bye!!!




Hey guys! I haven’t been on my blog in….. I have no idea! Maybe April? So far my summer has been okay. I haven’t started dancing and teaching yet, but I had so much fun at my recital. I’m on the performance team so I had to dance in the Halifax and Pembroke recital. It was a lot of fun. Over the two weeks I haven’t been dancing, a lot of things changed about me. I made a list of the new things.


the color purple 

romance novels

inline skating

dance compitions

my hamster Daisy

making crafts

dark choclate

and many more things!



the color orange

cheesy action movies



horse flies

noisey chewers

and hospitals

If you read my list I hope you aren’t mad if I wrote somthing that I didn’t like that you liked. I’ll rite another post soon write me some comments about what you like and what you don’t like.


Sam 🙂


Road Trip!!!

Today at 8 o’clock this morning we left to go to Florida. You may be thinking “Oh ya, a three hour plane ride, thats not so bad” But it’s worse! We are driving! We still have another tweleve hours to drive tomorrow and then mabey some. I am missrable. I do not like being stuck in a car for tweleve hours a day! Not fun. I hotel we are staying at smells like chloriene and it’s burning my nose. I can’t wait until we get to Florida! I want to see my grandparent really REALLY badly. Write me a comment if you have ever drove any where.

~Sam 😀

Injuries…..How we love them

Oh, What is life without a few injuries here and there? PERFECT! Today I had to leave school early to go to the Doctors for my knee. I have had a few knee injuries in the past because of dance, but, This one is the worst! I have had a knee brace befor but this one is like a gaint tire on my leg! So I’m stuck with this brace for a week because I pulled a Ligament in my knee! But on the bright side my brother has to be my slave for the week! Haha I feel bad for him! To make my self feel better I looked in my computer and found this funny picture:

This is a picture from two years ago. It’s a picture of my cousins Izzy and Max. Izzy dressed up Max as the Statue of Liberty. This picture makes my laugh because when I took this picture Max didn’t know that I took it. In your comment please tell me what cheers you up when your sad.

~Sam 😀

And the winner is……

Today marked the end of the comment compition! Before I tell who the winner is, I need to make an announcement. Sense  this was a comment compition, I would like to say that when writing comments, I would like you to make sure that you are useing correct grammar. That means making sure that when you write it dosen’t look like you’re texting.

Now that thats over lets see who the winner is! I would like to ackowlage the commenters, Daisy Snow, Molly C, and Molly S. And now the second place winner is…… Molly C! And with a two comment lead, the first place winner is Molly S! That means that Molly S. will get to write her own post on my blog! Congrats Molly! Make sure to vote on what my blog avatar should be!

~Sam 😀



I have finally decided to make a blog avatar!

I have three choices: #1 Is my cat Ming. He is an adorable snowshoe simiese. #2 Is my other cat Carmel. He is an orange tabby cat with a white tummy. My 3rd and final choice is my dog Molly. She is a yellow lab with a big heart. {No seriously she will give kisses to any one and every one!}

Here is the picture of Carmel. And here is the picture of Molly.

And finally here is a picture of Ming.

I know some of the pictures might not be the best because I have a really bad camara. The voteing ends on my Birthday, Wich is March 25. So if you do vote please give a reason why you picked that pet. Happy Voteing!


Today I checked my blog and I had 103 visitors! I also have 53 comments! So I decided that if one person commented the most during February vacation, they would get to WRITE THEIR OWN POST ON MY BLOG!  The contest will start Friday the 17th  at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And the contest will end Sunday the 20th at 6o’clock. The person who wins will have to email the post idea to me so I can edit it and approve it. May the best commenter  win!  HAPPY COMMENTING!