Hey guys! I haven’t been on my blog in….. I have no idea! Maybe April? So far my summer has been okay. I haven’t started dancing and teaching yet, but I had so much fun at my recital. I’m on the performance team so I had to dance in the Halifax and Pembroke recital. It was a lot of fun. Over the two weeks I haven’t been dancing, a lot of things changed about me. I made a list of the new things.


the color purple 

romance novels

inline skating

dance compitions

my hamster Daisy

making crafts

dark choclate

and many more things!



the color orange

cheesy action movies



horse flies

noisey chewers

and hospitals

If you read my list I hope you aren’t mad if I wrote somthing that I didn’t like that you liked. I’ll rite another post soon write me some comments about what you like and what you don’t like.


Sam 🙂